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*The bylaws listed in this section are those that are asked for most often. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about any other bylaw, please call 819 687-2122.
Some documents may only be available in French.

Municipal By-Laws

Urban Planning

By-Law 241-01-2021: Regarding the increase of the working capital of the Municipality of the Township of Harrington

Concerning specific construction, alteration or occupancy proposals for an immovable 229-2014

Conditional Uses 212-2013 (French only)

Construction 194-2012 (French only)

Construction, modification – types of foundations 192-04-2021

Minor variances, modification – project studies and validity period 197-01-2021 (French only)

Permits and Certificates 195-2012 (French only)

Planning Program 191-2012 (French only)

Planning Advisory Committee 196-2012 (French only)

Subdivision 193-2012

Zoning 192-2012

Zoning – Annex 1 Zoning Maps

Zoning– Chart of usages and standards 192-2012 (French only)

Zoning, modification 226-2014-1 (French only)

Zoning, modification – docks 274-1-2017 (french only)

Zoning, Relating to tourist residences 192-09-2017 (french only)

Zoning, amending the planning and development plan of the RCM of Argenteuil 215-2013

Planning Program, Annex map – modifications to zone URB-134 215-2013 (French only)

Zoning, amending the planning and development plan of the RCM of Argenteuil 216-2013 (French only)

Zoning, modification – temporary trailers 192-02-2020 (French only)

Zoning, modification – exterior stairs in front yard 192-04-2020 (French only)


Protection des plans d’eau 271-1-2017 (French only)

Public Safety

Nuisance 264-2016

Nuisance, modification 264-2-2017

Nuisance, public safety modification 264-2-2017

Parking on Public Roads 265-2016

Fire Prevention, modification – fireworks 183-01-2021 (French only)

Fire Prevention 183-2010 (French only)


2021 Property tax rates, tariffs and the imposition of taxes 290-2021

By-Law 292-2022 Decreeing property tax rates, tariffs and the imposition of taxes for the 2022 fiscal year

Contract Management 291-1-2021

Internal management of the sittings of the municipal council 166-2007

Reimbursement of the expenses for elected council members and employees 204-2012

Establishing the conditions of use of the Lost River Community center Internet Cafe 279-1-2017

Code of Ethics

Code of ethics and good conduct for elected officials 223-2014

By-law project

By-law regarding burning # 295-2022