Everyone who wishes to launch a boat will have to go to the municipal wash station and clean their boat. This will ensure the preservation of our lakes.

All boaters who fail to comply with mandatory boat washing will be subject to between $500 and $2,000 in fines levied by municipal officials.

The boat washing station is located at 2811 Route 327 (at the fire hall).

A riparian protection strip varying from 10 to 15 m, depending on certain conditions, is applicable to all properties bordering a watercourse.

Within this protection strip, all constructions, structures and works are prohibited, including any control of vegetation, such as grass cutting, brush cutting and tree felling.


By-Law 192-2012: Zoning

Guide des bonnes pratiques – Aménagement et techniques de restauration des bandes riveraines (FIHOQ) (French only)

Visual inspection of septic systems and summary characterization of riverbank strips for 2023 in collaboration with 0BV-RPNS

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