The Planning Department

The planning department tends to By-Law’s, management of complaints and the administration of other By-Law’s. It is also responsible for the issuance of various permits and certificates.

The Planning Department’s responsibilities are:

    • The study and acceptance of project developments
    • The issuance of construction, renovation and subdivision permits along with follow ups
    • The inspection of septic installations
    • the study of subdivision and land usage along with requests made to the CPTAQ (Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec)
    • Ensuring the correct application of the Planning By-Laws
    • The management of complaints

A permit or certificate is necessary for all the following works:

    • Construction, renovation, repairs and enlargements of buildings and demolitions
    • Septic installation and ground water catchments (well)
    • Work in the protective shoreline
    • Subdivisions
    • Installation of signs or posters (permanent and temporary)
    • Tree cutting

The function of the Planning Department consists of planning and assuring a harmonious and collective development of the territory.

The Planning Department consists of two employees, one being the Building Inspector (person in charge of the service) and his administrative assistant (whom welcomes you at the time of your visit at the Town Hall).

The goal of the Planning Department consists of planning, managing and checking of the territory, which means it supports the development, ensures the application of By-Laws are followed. It also establishes the criteria of construction along with supervision of the same, and this, all while assuring the harmony of the architectural landscape, as well as safeguarding the value of the natural surroundings.

The By-Laws, the verifications and the inspections aim to preserve and to improve the quality of life of our citizens. Our strict procedures is to better protect against the degradation of our environment. In Town Planning, nothing can be decided lightly because in that domain the errors as well as the successes have a durable impact.