Dear new citizen(s), welcome to the Harrington Township,

It is with great pleasure the mayor and the members of the municipal council welcome you and count you among its new residents.

We are certain, if not already done, you will be seduced by the inspiring and wild beauty of the landscapes as well as by the majestic curves of the Valley which make the fame of the Township of Harrington.

You will certainly get the opportunity to meet the craftsmen and artists of all ages and backgrounds which contribute to the development and character of our wonderful region.

You will discover numerous lakes on our territory as well as the imposing Lost River, Rouge & Maskinonge rivers.

Below are some of the facilities and services which you may find useful & enjoyable in the municipality’s territory:

  • 2 Community Centers and two Golden Age clubs (the centers offer hall rental)
  • 1 Wash station for watercrafts
  • 1 Charging station for electric cars
  • 2 Skating rinks
  • Madeleine Marquis Park and walking path
  • Rest areas
  • Ecocentre – open all year round (residents only)
  • 2 small churches and one chapel
  • CAMMAC musical camp

For your travels, a shuttle service to Lachute is available, please consult the Argenteuil RCM website under public transportation.

The municipality also offers a vaccination day on its territory and publishes a municipal newsletter which is distributed to our permanent residents in order to keep you up to date with the latest news.  The newsletter is also available on the municipality’s website.

Finally, a team of professional AND devoted employees welcome you weekdays at the administration office and 21 volunteer firefighters are part of an emergency team for your security.  The municipality also has a zodiac (inflatable boat) if needed in any eventuality in many of our waterways..

Harrington welcomes you..